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Civil War Resources: North Carolina Digital Collections
Read letters, examine published regimental histories, or search related state documents and selected governors' correspondence and letter books. A growing number of resources relating to the Civil War are being digitized by the North Carolina State Archives and the Government & Heritage Library at the State Library of North Carolina.

Catherine Edmondston

North Carolina Voices
From slavery to secession . . . from the home front to the battlefield . . . from politics to Reconstruction . . . North Carolinians, in their own words, tell stories of their Civil War experiences. More than 30,000 of the state's native sons died while fighting for the Confederacy; and nine North Carolina units (both white and colored) fought for the Union.

Brig. Gen. William P. Carlin

Voices from the Invaders
From the war's earliest days, much of Eastern North Carolina was occupied by Union troops . . . Sherman's march through North Carolina was part of one of the most famous military campaigns in U.S. history . . . The largest joint army-navy operation of the war occured at Fort Fisher . . . Stoneman's cavalry slashed through the highlands . . . and Union troops made numerous sorties from East Tennessee into the western part of the state. Federal troops from nearly every state in the Union saw duty or combat in North Carolina during the war. In their own words, they offer vivid perpectives from garrison life to major campaigns and battles.

N.C. Highway Historical Markers

North Carolina Highway Historical Markers
"History on a Stick" Explore North Carolina's Civil War history via the state's Marker Program. Choose a topic to view marker photos, read historical essays, and view GPS map data (where available). Nearly 1,500 markers have been placed on North Carolina's highways since the program began in 1935. Many of our Civil War sites received markers during the state's Centennial commemoration, 1961-1965.

State Troops and Volunteers

Civil War Publications
Our Historical Publications section has published more than 30 books and maps related to North Carolina's experience in the Civil War, including the ongoing and comprehensive 18-volume series North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: A Roster.

As part of the Sesquicentennial commemoration, the Publications unit will be issuing additional items, including thematic posters and other publications.

Gen. James Johnston Pettigrew

North Carolina Troops
A list of Confederate and Union military units from North Carolina Artillery, Cavalry, and Infantry.